Before you come

Before arrival at the College of Social and Media Culture please pay particular attention to all the following:
  • Make sure that your passport/ id card is valid well past the date of your anticipated return. If it is not, renew it as soon as possible
  • Visa (if you come from a country for which visa regulations apply)
  • Collect any other entry documents you are required to take with you (e.g. insurance, extra photographs-always useful, etc.)
  • Copy down all names, phone numbers, postal and e-mail addresses of people and offices at home with which you might need to have contact during your stay in Toruń.
  • Arrange your arrival on time so you can attend International Welcoming Days
  • Prepare to bring the recommended amount of money for start-up costs.
  • Make sure you have the credit cards, telephone cards, etc, which you are planning to use.
  • Send us a copy of the European Health Insurance Card for the entire duration of your stay (a scan of the European Health Insurance Card or of private insurance – the latter one should be translated into English)
We hope you will have spent a wonderful time in Toruń!