What are the language requirements at the College of Social and Media Culture?
The language of instruction at College of Social and Media Culture is mainly Polish. However, we try to provide international students with a special offer in foreign languages, usually in English.


What do I need to do to apply for an Erasmus scholarship at CSMC?
If you have been selected by your home university to study at the College of Social and Media Culture within the ERASMUS+ Programme, your home university should send an e-mail with your nomination to our office. Afterwards, you must fill in our online application form and have it signed by your home university and sent to our international office.


Do you use the ECTS system?
Yes we do. The CSMC applies the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). It ensures reckoning of both national and foreign study programs as part of the course followed by a student at his/her Alma Mater. At CSMC Polish students are asked to collect 30 ECTS per semester. Please contact your coordinators regarding the number of ECTS for your courses.


Should I come to CSMC with the learning agreement signed by my home university?
You should be coming to CSMC with an official document signed by your home university (Learning Agreement) which will include the list of courses to study at CSMC and the number of ECTS credits you are asked to bring back home.
Without it, it will be very difficult for our coordinators to help you build your study program at CSMC. Sometimes our coordinators may ask you to prepare a preliminary learning agreement before your arrival, so that they could check what you are interested in and to prepare additional classes for you.


What are International Welcoming Days and are they obligatory?
The International Welcoming Days are organised by the International Relations Office at the beginning of each semester in order to help you adapt to life in a new environment and in a new country. We prepare several meetings, lectures, and parties, as well as Polish lessons during the whole week. It is obligatory for Erasmus students.


Where can I find accommodation in Toruń?
The International Relations Office tries to book a room in the Academic Hotel for each Erasmus student coming to Torun. A student who wishes to take advantage of accommodation in the Academic Hotel should fill in the form (Accommodation Form – download) and send it to the International Relations Office of the WSKSiM respectively by 31 May or 15 January.


Will I have a Polish student who will help me during my stay in Torun?
Yes you will. Each Erasmus student coming to the CSMC has his/her own mentor – a Polish student, who wants to help a foreigner during his/her stay in Toruń, who knows and understands that the first few weeks are very confusing and is able to support an international student during his/her study at CSMC.

The mentor system is to provide international students with support and care during the entire stay. Thanks to that you can direct your questions to a student. This will facilitate you access to practical information, and you will get advice and help when needed.

Mentor is also a person who collects a student from the station/airport, who helps to deal with the formalities and who helps us – International Relations Office to organise some activities prepared within the International Welcoming Days for foreigners. Before coming to Toruń every foreign student will be able to get in touch with his/her Polish mentor.